Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hi everyone! We hoped you enjoyed our performance on the Last Comic Standing Finale! However, it is not the finale for God's Pottery this week! We have a big show at Spaceland in Los Angeles this Saturday evening! So if you live in or near the City of Lost Angels, come on down and enjoy the fun! We'll be doing a full hour-long set, and our good friend Jessi Klein will be opening up. Put on your partici-pants and head on down!

God's Pottery Live at Spaceland!
9:30 p.m./8:30 doors
1717 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 661-4380


kittysolo said...

You guys were so great on the finale! Did you write the song yourselves?
The Spaceland show was so great! You guys are so talented. Amazing voices!
How long have you two been performing together?
Your comedy style is so refreshing and uplifting.
What kind of work do you guys want to do in the future? Will you continue to work together in comedy, or maybe do something else in the entertainment field?

Leland Stone said...

Hm. This is puzzling.

"God's Pottery," in their LCS performances, present brilliant satire that is very entertaining. Thus the puzzle.

"Brilliant satire" rarely emanates from within the visible church, especially spot-on self-referential satire; "very entertaining" is equally rare. From outside said church, the satire may be brilliant, but it is often no more entertaining than its more rare and sanctified counterpart. Both sacrifice entertainment in favour of propaganda: Church-generated satire tilts towards sermonising, while secular satire is little more than grinning vitriol.

Too bitingly accurate to be religious, nowhere near mean-spirited enough to be secular; more precisely topical to church culture than secular performers, not treacly enough to be religious entertainers.

Hm. "God's Pottery" is a puzzle.

Crystal O. said...

Why does anyone think this blasphemy is funny? Since when did being fake Christians become comedy? B/c if that's the new trend--there's a church up the road that should be hilarious. This 'act' makes me ill.