Saturday, December 01, 2007

Comedy Central EP Release Party! Show at UCB! Friday December 7, 2007!

Hello Friends!

Sometimes excitement is like a runaway train: it can't be stopped, and that's the basis of "chaos theory." But sometimes excitement leads up to something great, and that's where we are right now! Our first EP on Comedy Central Records—God's Pottery: Live at Comix!—will be released next week, and we are JAZZED! You can find it on iTunes, eMusic, and most major digital distributors starting December 4th, 2007. Talk about an early Christmas present!

To celebrate the launch of our EP, we've got a big night planned for Friday, December 7, 2007. For starters, we're re-mounting the one-hour show we took to Edinburgh, Scot-land (UK/England/Whales) in August, God's Pottery Saves the World, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (307 W 26th Street, just west of 8th Avenue). Some of you may recall that last year we saved a young boy named LaVert, who we met in Harlem, and who we thought had cancer because that's what he told us. Well, it turns out he didn't have cancer, but our experience with this youth gave us a taste of what it might feel like to save a human life, and we liked the way that taste tasted. So we decided to take it to a much bigger level—by a lot. In this exciting program, we take on more global issues like Overpopulation, Addiction, Africa, and Women. Because why save just one life, when you could save the entire world?! Reserve tickets asap—ONE SHOW ONLY!

After the show, we're heading down to one of our favorite places in NYC even though it is a bar, Kettle of Fish (59 Christopher Street, just east of 7th Avenue). We'll be there to celebrate the show and our new EP, and the wonderful season upon us (Jesus's birthday)! Even if you can't make it to the show, come by and say hi!

To sum up the excitement (both events December 7, 2007):

God's Pottery Saves the World!
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
307 W 26th Street, just west of 8th Avenue
8 p.m.
More info and tickets here and at

EP Release Party!
Kettle of Fish
59 Christopher Street, just east of 7th Avenue
9:30 p.m.-ish

See you soon!

Gideon and Jeremiah