Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back on the BLOG!

Dear Friends,

We're back on the blog o'sphere! We apologize for the long absence from our (we)blog, and we promise to keep our updates more up-to-date!

"Even the hummingbird must rest, for she has been flying so much with great speed."
-Old Saying

We've been keeping pretty busy! Our work is never done, which is why it's so enthrilling to us. Some of you may have seen us on the tv show called "Last Comic Standing" on NBC. It's a show where comedians compete to win prizes and money, and we thought we'd give everyone the "prize" of learning to go with their "currency" of laughing! And it seems to be working, because we made it through to the next round in LAS VEGAS! Here's a sample of what was on the tv:

It's been a lot of fun, and we're excited that the show allows us to reach literally hundreds of people, so we'll try to be "standing" as long as we can! Our Las Vegas semifinal show will be "on the air" June 26th!

Keep checking back here for updates, help, wisdom, guidance...and FUN!!!

With laughter and love,
Keep dreamin' of above,
Gideon and Jeremiah


BreeB said...

well you two are just the best!!

jessyboy said...

im on team jesus!